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My ultimate goal is to become an Operations Manager or Continuous Improvement Manager. and therefore Six Sigma Certification becomes essential. After undergoing SSGB Certification at IFQ I worked as a Manufacturing Engineer implementing Six Sigma methodologies. I could grasp the concepts taught by Vijay Deshpande Sir and Gajanan Sir as the classroom sessions were interactive as well as persuasive. I am now in the USA pursuing my masters in Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering. The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is helping me a lot in my studies too as I have already had an exposure to concepts such as Process Capability Analysis, DMAIC, etc.

Makarand Umarji

We have attend the six sigma green belt of IFQ in Sept 2015 and overall feedback was good enough to the best of our knowledge and experience. Implementing the relevant tools with examples in our Project based company here. Also were tried in our earlier company at Shirwal, Pune with related to daily production system to reduced the defects in process. Also will like to face book page of IFQ. Will recommend the same to my friends and colleagues also.

Suhas Hullalkar(Project based company in Mumbai)

Feed back of overall training was good in all respect. Will recommend this training in company as a in house option. Will like face book page of IFQ.

Siddheshwar Pujari(Emerson Ltd., Pune)

We have attend six sigma green belt training of IFQ somewhere in 2014 after getting reference from Sakal Exhibition in Pune. Training was found good with all trainers’ working as well as professional experience. Planning to Black Belt training as early as possible from IFQ. Also will like the face book page of IFQ as explained to us.

Mr. Kushal Talhan(Vishay Components Pvt. Ltd., Pune)

Training of Six Sigma Green Belt provided by Mr. Vijay Deshpande Sir was good in all respect. We are using small tools like Voice of Customer, Kano Model, Cause & Effect Matrix, Root cause analysis etc. to our process problems in our daily routine. Giving references to Khire Sir as much as possible.

Ms. Arundhati Gaikwad(Smart IT Solutions P.Ltd., Sanaswadi, Pune)

Training provided to us was good. Major data was received with lot of examples provided to us with regards to our work profile. Use of VSM(Value stream mapping), Why Why analysis, Root cause analysis of any problem we are using daily in our day to day work profile. Cycle time reduced to 30% in our shop floor activities is a added advantage to us. We will definitely referred to our colleagues and friends this training.

Mr. Pradip Dubal (Sandvik Asia Ltd)

D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Talegaon, Pune. M.E(Civil), done Minitab training from IFQ for data analysis of Minitab project:-
  • Training methodology of Minitab software is good to the extent of our knowledge to undergo a project.
  • Our Project assignment in Minitab is “ICT implementation of material management” and it was mentored by IFQ’s experts Mr. Ranjeet Jadhav Sir to the extent of all statistical tools used in Minitab along with questioner y survey.
  • Project is approved by the Management of D.Y.P.COE as well as University of Pune.
  • It was nice guidance/mentoring by IFQ’s experts/co-coordinator to undergo this Minitab project within a span of limited period.
  • We are using these Minitab tools for data analysis purpose in daily job profile with full confidence.
  • Ms. Swati Sanap

    Quality Dept. of WNS Pune, Feedback of Six Sigma Green Belt training:-
  • One to one coaching is beneficial to solve my day to day work.
  • Certified trainers of IFQ is helpful for me to score my training ability in my own industry very well to become trainer.
  • Methodology of teaching was very good to analyze the problem and to understand how to solve it.
  • My project is in Banking domain in cross functional area. After doing project in Quality department it improves financially also and approved by our Management also.
  • Overall training and project mentoring by IFQ’s experts were very good to the extent of my knowledge gain of six sigma tools and get benefited how to implement the same in our day to day work profile.
  • Mr. Kiran Madne

    Quality Dept. of WNS Pune
    Working as a Purchase Executive in Racold Thermo P. Ltd., Hinjewadi, Pune have undergone Minitab training for data analysis through IFQ :-
  • During the training of Minitab of two days for data analysis all data has been covered for analysis provided by us.
  • Training provided with good relevant examples related to our work profile.
  • Individual assignment was also given to individuals.
  • Awareness factor of Minitab17 version for data analysis is also cleared during this training.
  • Knowledge of Minitab version is very well verse to the Training faculty members.
  • We are using the same in our work force area in different sections of the company as a experience of this training provided by IFQ to all our team members.
  • Mr. Dipak Jadhav

    Purchase Executive ,Racold Thermo P.Ltd
    Mr. Naresh Sonone from Sandvik Asia Ltd., Pune with a experience of more than 10 years in Quality Dept. have undergone the training of Six Sigma Green Belt from IFQ Pune in July 2016 with my colleagues of company. My feedback about the same is:
  • During the tenure of training period all topics have been covered systematically.
  • Our project in Quality Assurance Dept is in process with regards to reduction in non value added activities in the process. It helps us in the area of our work distribution amongst our team members.
  • How to reduce the defects in internal customers process of Quality of jobs and through which how to increase the productivity.
  • Training provided by IFQ is very much helpful to increase our confidence level & decision making ability towards our work force area flow.
  • Trainers’ profile is very good with all respect. IFQ’s experts have very good knowledge about mentoring of project assignment work.
  • Mr. Naresh Sonone

    Sandvik Asia Ltd
    B.E.(Mechanical) with 5 years of experience in Manufacturing Industry have attended Six Sigma Green Belt Training of IFQ Pune recently. My feedback of IFQ’s training is as under:-
  • Overall training methodology is good and most practical.
  • All topics as per as per ASQ norms were covered during the period of 4 days training within a span of one week.
  • Projects explanation and its mentoring is good and helpful to get the idea of its implementation
  • It helps to increase our confidence level to a high extent to solve any problem during our work profile in any industry concerned.
  • Trainers are well experts in the field of Six Sigma methodology with a practical vision to complete our project assignment work.
  • Will definitely join Quiz session of one hour with trainer’s and recommend this training to my colleagues/friends for their career graph enhancement.
  • Mr. Sachin Balkundikar

    Hi I have joined IfQ SSGB course with a doubt in my mind,if it will be similar to other institutes who will just be interested in money & not in knowledge.However, this institute is different. The training so from this institute helped me in clearing my fundamentals in quality & clearing my concepts.This also helped me applying the theory in practical. Thanks to IFQ.

    Bhagyashree Acharya

    Quality Analyst WNS, Pune
    The content of the program was very comprehensive. It covered almost all processes, tools and techniques which I was looking for. Feel I now have the necessary tools to quantify any subjective/ objective situation for action. Thanks a ton!

    Pankaj Bijwe

    EAI Specialist Syntel Ltd.
    Dear Sir, Believe me sir. It was great learning experience for making project and good news that i am going to started my next six sigma project soon.Thank for providing such a opportunity.

    Vishal Sinha

    Assistant Manager HP Plezler Ltd. Chakan, Pune
    Dear Sir, Thank You for your appreciation. Thanks for giving us such good training. It is the result of your training which make us capable to work as MR in future. Having background of Mechanical engineering with 10 years of experience in Quality department completed Six Sigma Green Belt training and project work from IFQ Pune. I am furnishing my points related to this training of IFQ as:
  • It was a effective tool of measure for improvement & problem solving through six sigma training.
  • Our Project assignment in Lumax Ancillery Ltd., an Automotive industry in Pune was in the area of to achieve 0PPM Level consistency level in 6 months in the area of “Product Quality improvement”.
  • Earlier it was observed that the rejection value is Rs. 60K to 70K per month but after completion of project assignment of Six Sigma as per DMAIC methodology it comes to almost 10% i.e. up to 6 to 7K per month only. It was a great achievement we have achieved during this six sigma project & appreciated by the Management of the company.
  • This is only because of training and mentoring given by IFQs’ experts and guidance.
  • In our present company we are also using DMAIC methodology of six sigma tools as our daily work profile/culture.
  • Nagesh Sardesai

    Quality Eng.Lumax Industries Ltd.
    Before joining the Institute of Fundamentals in Quality for Green belt training I was not aware about benefits of six sigma tools. After completing the green belt training program from Deshpande sir, it was big benefit in my professional career.Sir explained each tools fundamental and also its interpretation in practical world. I have attached my green belt project due to which our team can make major improvement and also cost saving with use of Cause & effect diagram, pareto chart, brainstorming session, process flow, MSA etc. I will now execute each improvement (Six Sigma) project in our manufacturing plant with DMAIC method.

    Dayanand Yadav

    Senior executive - Operational excellence ,Thermax Ltd.
    I have sorted out such many problems in my present company by using six-sigma technique. This is because of your guidance sir.Good Job done by you & all the team, keep it up.


    Quality Assurance Manager,Endurance Technology Ltd., Chakan, Pune.
    I, Jaydeep Parkhi, currently working as project lead in Syntel, Pune, have completed the Six Sigma Green Belt Training course from IFQ. I found it very useful & the quality of teaching was also good. I was very impressed with the practical examples given time to time and the classroom discussions related to issues in daily work of an individual.This course took me at comfortable level to implement different six sigma techniques at my workplace.

    Jaydeep Parkhi

    Project Lead,Syntel Ltd., Talawade, Pune
    After successful completion of by Green Belt & Black belt training, I am equipped with a holistic knowledge about the Six sigma methodology & tools, which are applicable in my IT career. As you know, I have already made good contributions using six Sigma methodology in my existing organisation in the area of Customer Centricity. IT holds multiple opportunities of application & fortunately my organisation appreciates Six Sigma as a prime focus area.I thank IFQ for providing me Quality training ,industry-wide insights & also guiding me to focus on implementing Six Sigma at my workplace.

    Abhijit Kulkarni

    Quality Manager Tech Mahindra
    Dear Sir, We are doing six sigma projects in the guidance of Mr. Vijay Despande sir director IFQ pune & Co faculty Mr. U. V. Kulkarni.Project details is as: To reduce heater tripping problem (05.07.13)
  • During training session action were decided with the help of FMEA, C& E analysis & monitoring started from dated 14.07.13 on 1602 T Press line.
  • Data collected upto 30.07.13 only one time heater was tripped , before it was at list once in a shift.
  • 63 Maint. Related kaizens were suggested out of which 11 were completed till date.
  • To reduce drop out % on 1602 T Press Line
  • Six sigma project were started to reduce dropout % , actions were decided ,changes implemented & monitoring started from 02.08.13.
  • All these training programs pumps energy & enthusiasm in our employees.This will help us to reduce our wasteful practices.

    Vishnu Patil

    QA Assistant Manager,Adico Forge Pvtl. Ltd.
    Dear Mr. Deshpande, Thank you for providing your valuable time for teaching our colleagues, the Six Sigma Tools. Sessions of four days were very fruitful for the Organization. We are working on four projects as Six Sigma Green Belt covering most of the business processes and we are trying to complete these projects within duration of 60 days We would like to have your presence in last week of August, 2011 to review the progress of our projects. Overall the course went well. Looking forward for your support during the execution of various projects. We appreciate your time and effort in imparting knowledge to us.

    Vilas Kulkarni

    General Manager - Technical,WIKA Instruments India pvt. Ltd., Kesnand
    We have conducted the In-house training  “Effective communication skills with teamwork, Leadership Creativity”, on 27.11.2014 for our employees.Mr. Deshpande was the faculty of  said training. The said training includes all the contents of:
  • Leadership development:- Communication skills for Leaders, Leaders,  Vision levels of Team Leaders, How to acquire leadership?
  • Effective Communication: Introduction – what is communication?, Types of communication,  Impact of communication,   Attributes of effective communication, Barriers to effective communication
  • At present all employee’s were using Leadership & Effective Communication techniques in daily working  and implement the Communication activities effectively.The session of this training was very effective and employee’s  enjoyed the training with getting proper guidelines for implementing the Leadership & Effective Communication skills in  their respective departments.

    Umesh Kardile

    Manager HR & Admin,Shapers I.P.Ltd., Sanaswadi,Pune
    The session was well executed alongwith the required demonstrations . We are glad to inform that we have observed significant change post training amongst our employees with regards to the captioned training.We look forward to work with you again .

    Roma Gangan

    Assistant Manager – Human Resources,Sunjewels Pvt. Ltd.
    On date 7th December 2013 . training on 5 “S” is arrange of M/S Institute of Fundamentals in Quality . Participant in Training they fill very happy Feed back from all trainers that such training should be happen regularly .At Jan 2014 TML customer audit was done by TML team they fill very happy on 5 “S” and there is no any N.C on housekeeping. Before our audit our score is and average 60% but its now increase up to 80 to 85% .

    Vinod Shinde

    (HRD Manager),5S Inhouse training conducted at Mutual Industries P.Ltd.,. Sanaswadi, Pune
    As per discussion with participants & people department. We found your training for Minitab very effective. It has cleared all  participants doubts related with the same. We recommend the same Training program.

    Minal Kale

    HRD Manager Kalyani Forge Ltd., Sanaswadi Pune for MINITAB Training
    I am very glad to inform you that, I have completed and presented the six sigma green belt level project after successful completion of training under your guidance. You have taught each topic of training with very understanding way and with some practical examples, which really helps us to apply six sigma tools to resolve or identify the issue.Thanks once again.

    Deepak Hange

    Assistant Manager Quality,Lear Corporation
    The Six Sigma Green Belt training program I attended at IFQ has helped me to understand and grasp the Six Sigma methodologies, techniques and concepts very clearly. The teaching model and guidance provided by Deshpande Sir throughout this training was unique and motivating. At my workplace, the Green Belt training enabled me to suggest improvements to my management on the existing quality and results through the various internal projects thus taking my career development to the next level.

    Siddharth Ghatpande

    Quality Analyst,Sangard Ltd.
    We have conducted the In-house ‘ Soft Skill ’ training on 2nd August, 2014 for our employees.I on behalf of them, I would like to say thank you very much for such wonderful guidance on soft skill in house training at our work place . We are greatly encouraged by your Interesting Presentation on Team Building, Leadership, Effective Communication and Creativity. We have seen very positive changes in our employees that becomes very fruitful for our organization. Thank you once again for giving your valuable time.

    Pallavi Charde

    Executive - HR & Admin HUECO Electronic (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    Believe me sir it was a great learning experience for making project and good news that i am going to started my next six-sigma project soon.Thanks for providing such a opportunity.

    Vishal Sinha

    Assistant Manager, HP Plezler
    “ We are happy to share with you, Training conducted on 6th Sept 2014 on subject of “Effective Communication, Team work, Leadership & Creativity” liked our participant. “

    Atul Shelar

    Sr. Executive – HR & Admin United Crane Components P.Ltd, Pune.INDUSTRY - Manufacturing
    “ After successful completion of by Green Belt & Black belt training, I am equipped with a holistic knowledge about the Six sigma methodology & tools, which are applicable in my IT career. As you know, I have already made good contributions using six Sigma methodology in my existing organisation in the area of Customer Centricity. “

    Abhijit Kulkarni

    Quality Manager Tech Mahindra, Pune,INDUSTRY - IT
    “ I have completed Six Sigma Green belt certification from IFQ, Pune last year. And feeling glad to share you that I am practicing Six Sigma tool at my working place. By using this tool, myself and my colleagues, we all as a team gained lot of fruitful benefits. “

    Shivaji Kharat

    Jr. Manager - Production Emerson-Virgo, Pune.INDUSTRY - Manufacturing
    The entire team of M/s. IFQ changed our shop floor enthusiasm; their support in LEAN & TPM changed our productivity a lot.

    Shore Auto Rubber Pvt Ltd.

    The support given by IFQ for our 5-S training was a cultural change; later we were supported for TQM activity. Their team has got real shop floor, experience and an ability to make everyone understand the subject in detail!


    Their training to our young engineers gave them an excellent insight into SIX SIGMA!

    Stud Craft

    We got excellent support from IFQ in our efforts to stream lime ISO system; their inputs gave lot of confidence to our staff to face audits! We wish them all the best!



    Whirlpool of India

    We are happy to share with you, Training conducted on 6th Sept 2014 on subject of “Effective Communication, Team work, Leadership & Creativity” liked our participant. Organization would like to say Thank you from its deepest for such Mind blowing program. Faculty and Course content of this training was very unique and relevant with industrial practical scenarios. Thank you all faculties & co coordinators.

    Atul Shelar- United Crane Components Pvt.Ltd.

    Sr. Executive – HR & Admin
    We have conducted the In-house 5 ‘S’ training on 15.09.2014 & 23.09.2014 for our employees.
    Mr.Deshpande was the faculty of   the said training. The said training includes all the contents of 5 ‘S’ Training with few practical’s. At present all employee’s were using  5 ‘S’ techniques in daily working  and implement the 5 ‘S’ activities effectively.
    The session of this training was very effective and employee’s  enjoyed the training with getting proper guidelines for implementing the 5 ‘S’ activities in  their respective departments.


    Manager - HR /IR /Admin,Sharp India ltd.

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