Course Contents: 

I)Measurement Scale Analysis (MSA).

    -Introduction to Measurement System Analysis(MSA).
    -R & R Studies for variable data.
    -R & R Studies for attribute data – Cohen Kappa.
    -How to conduct a measurement system study.
    -Practical examples.
     Histogram, Control charts, Scatter plots etc.

II)Statistical Process Control

    -Introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC).
    -Basic statistical concepts.
    -Types of Control Chart.
    -Calculating Control Limits.
    -Variables Control Charts.
    -Uses of Control Charts.
    -Process Capability.
    -Process Control v Process Capability.
    -Capability Indices: Cp/Cpk/Pp/Ppk.
    -Attribute Control Charts.
    -An example of SPC software (Mini tab).

III)Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA).

    -Procedure for the same.
    -Identification of Potential failure.
    -Action to reduce RPN.
    -Pareto on the individual.
    -FMEA Plan (Dynamic).
    -Linkage of PFD, FMEA, CP, Procedures.


    -An overview of the APQP process.
    -Project Management and Timing Plans.
    -Defining project scope and requirements.
    -Product development.
    -Product design.
    -Process design and development.
    -Product and process validation and control plans.
    -Evaluation of evidence submitted.
    -Levels of Submission and Evidence required.
    -Materials data and use of IMDS database.

IV) 7QC tools:

    -Pareto chart, Run Chart, Histogram, Control charts, Scatter plots etc.