Overview of Minitab Training Course

This course is to assist people who are training as Six Sigma Green, Black Belt.The course is designed to provide much needed hands on learning where real data can be used to demonstrate the strengths of Minitab. The contents are useful for working professional of IT, Services, Manufacturing in Quality & Lean Six Sigma.This program is a must for ASQ SSGB, SSBB aspirants

Course Objectives
  • Introduction
  • What is Minitab and how to navigate round the software
  • Data types, entry and manipulation
  • Basic graphical techniques – histograms, box plots, dot plots
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Pareto analysis and Fishbone diagrams
  • Measurement systems analysis with Minitab
  • Process capability with Minitab
  • Hypothesis tests with Minitab
  • ANOVA with Minitab
  • Correlation and regression with Minitab
  • Multiple Regression
  • Multi-variation analysis with Minitab
  • DOE with Minitab
  • Control Charts
  • Simple assessment of learning
Course Objectives
  • To demystify the Minitab software and how to use it
  • To use the software to produce statistical analysis from various types of data
  • To understand the best tool to use for different kinds of data
  • How to interpret the results from Minitab output
  • To practice using the tool with real data
Costs / Duration and Location
  • The Course Fee – Rs. 8000/- plus Tax including Lunch, Morning & Evening Tea, Biscuits
  • Duration – 2 days, Time – 9.30 AM TO 5 PM
  • Location – DSTA, Shivajinagar, Pune-5