Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training Course

Our Strength to conduct Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training Course :

The process of Six Sigma is to reduce process variation so that all the products or services provided meet or exceed customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma is a holistic approach & applies various tools & techniques from Statistics, Project Management, Quality tools & Lean Manufacturing, Team Work & change management. Our Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification Training course would focus on Introduction to these tools.

Following are some of the examples of Six Sigma Quality level for your visualization/understanding:-

  • Train arrives at right time & leaves at right time.
  • No student in a class is late throughout the year
  • Mumbai Dabewalla – Delivery is above Six Sigma Quality level
  • No employee is absent/late throughout the year in a particular department
  • Zero defect month in the Organization

The Institute of Fundamentals in Quality (IFQ) is run by entrepreneurs who have their own manufacturing organization and use fundamental knowledge at work. The course is for youngsters to enhance their career graph and seek better opportunity in work place. This is because their fundamentals are strengthened in the course. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training course is the most fundamental course of two days recommended for freshers.


  • Class room session
  • Experience sharing
  • Group discussion
  • Exercises for using tools/techniques at workplace
  • Case studies
  • Examination

Benefits of Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course are:

  • Certificate course
  • Eligible to work in Six Sigma team
  • Can start preparation for Green Belt ASQ course

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training course Objectives :

Orient middle management team members into the Six sigma methodology Understand DMIAC Relate Lean Six Sigma concepts to the overall business mission & objectives Use concept of a Sigma Level to evaluate the capability or a process or organization Encourage undertaking a lean six sigma project – the success rate will be high once lean sigma tools are used.

Program Syllabus

Syllabus Understanding of “Quality” definition, decision making and problem solving quadrants Six Sigma Origin, Methodology and frame work. Sigma & Sigma Level – Metrics & Calculations.Recognize DMAIC – Six Sigma Improvement Process.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course Contents:

  • What is Quality?
  • Origin of Six Sigma
  • Motorola Story
  • Six Sigma Quality, Cost of Poor Quality(CTQ), Six Sigma Organization
  • DMAIC Methodology
  • Voice of customer, Sigma Level & other metrics
  • Lean concepts, Project charter

Course Eligibility
Fresh Diploma/Degree holders of any stream having 1-2 years experience.

Course Duration
2 Days Training Program


Certificate will be issued to the participants those completing the examination after completing the training course.

Programme Benefit

  • Improve Decision making
  • Career Growth
  • Self confidence to face challenges
  • All fortune 500 companies are using Six Sigma tools profusely. In India separate departments are set up for Six Sigma Project work in Corporate, IT, Banks, Call centers, Manufacturing industry. Every participant will be expected to discuss their projects and a brief outlined solution to be presented. Best solution/concepts will be considered for a prize